The Quality Pen | Day 5

  1. Do you have a quality pen ?
  2. Do you use pens, at all?
  3. What is a quality pen for you ? 
  4. Would you agree that a quality pen is equal to be called the perfect pen ?
  5. Do you prefer a special brand? 
  6. What kind of material do you like for you pen?
  7. What seize of ink-point do you like?   Ultra-fine, fine, medium, wide?
  8. Which color do you like to write with ?  – Blue? – Black? – Red? – Green?
  9. Why this particular color?
  10. Do you write?
  11. Do you write daily, weekly?
  12. What do write?
  13. Would you like to have a quality pen ? 
  14. Would a quality pen be a motivating parameter to start writing?
  15. Is a quality pen a status symbol for you ?
  16. Do you prefer thin or big pens?
  17. The weigh of the pen… is it important to you? You like to feel the pen laying light or heavy in your hand ?

·  Welcome again to the #12dailypostchallenge 

Did you answer this questionnaire? Completely? Part of it ?  I hope it is very useful for you and that, if you haven’t experience (until today) “The promise of paper and pen. Write it down” , by now you feel excited and decided to do so.

Particularly, I think a quality pen can be any kind of pen.

Pen 2.jpgOf course, the pen has to pass a certain test. For me, it is important how it feels in the hand; if it is not too heavy and not too light. I prefer blue ink and medium point. Occasionally, I use also red ink, especially for marking important pending issues or also to remember a reading section in the current lecture .

I never use green ink. Why not ? I don’t know. I just don’t feel attracted to this color.

On the other hand it has happened, that I am traveling and lose my “quality pen” and that means trouble. It is not an easy job to find the perfect pen. Once it took me 8 days to find a “quality pen” in Germany.

A big disaster! It really stressed me out. You know, I carry my notebook always with me and it is like my daily bread to write my ideas, chapters, numerologies and Feng Shui tips. So, every morning the top-priority was to test pens, again and again. I tried expensive and cheap ones, all kind of materials,  even I tested purple ink ones.



Then, day number eight of pen-testing  I had the big surprise. In a little tiny coffee shop close to the “Aachener Dom ” (cathedral of Aachen, Germany), the waiter offered his pen to sign the voucher and guess what happened.

I couldn’t  believe it myself. That pen, similar to a “Bic” pen, just made me write smoothly, without hesitation my signature on that tiny paper. It felt so good in my hand.

I didn’t realize, that I shouted “Yeah, that’s the one”.  – It was the waiter, who asked kind of worried ” What happens, is your bill wrong? ” “No”, I said ” I just found my quality pen, Will you please sell it to me ?” He starred in disbelieve: ” Are you sure? This is a very  cheap pen, you can buy it anywhere. I cannot sell this you. But, if you like it so much, please take it as a gift.”

What a lucky and happy day for me. Of course I took the pen, ordered another cup of coffee and started writing. Hey, don’t worry I didn’t forget the waiter; he was also very happy with his extra tip.

Would you mind to share your answers with me ?  I would love to read your choices and invite you to share them here in a comment or send them to :

Also, I have a small list with different links about “quality pens” . Take a little sneak peek, you never know, maybe there is a pen also just for you:

Quality pens

More options

Ultimate options

Please help with sharing the post . Did you like this ? Any comments, feedback or suggestions.?

Meanwhile, I wish you a happy afternoon / evening, wherever you are in the world. Blessings and talk to you again tomorrow. XOXO

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