Another cup of coffee… | Day 3

Hey, you are back. That means you are probably  interested in my 12-daily-post-challenge  … 

Or maybe you just didn’t have anything else to do. Please don’t misunderstand,  I am very happy to have you here.

In case you are new to my blog, today is Day 3 of my writing challenge.

It has not been an easy morning. Apparently the, ☛ recently started, Mercury retrograde phase, is affecting my team and myself more than expected . We have been spending too much time on our pending earlier in the office.

Happily, it is already lunch-time, Easter vacation starts for the schools over here. The traffic is hell!!!  But now, I am enjoying a another cup of coffee, which by the way, Estefano prepared for me.

He is a kind of barista. Look at this beauty! (#anothercupofcoffee)

Christmas coffeee 1
Coffee with Kikis at Kikis Cafe offices

Meanwhile, I have been checking out the statistic. This is so exciting and totally over the top of my expectations (please remember I am very new to this blog). I think yesterday’s post will definitely form part of my book (work in progress, therefor the #12dailypostchallenge).

Recent status: With 18 views, 6 likes and 20 facebook shares , yesterday’s post made it up, at least for now, to the top-ten list.

This morning, Estefano showed up with a little cuestionnaire-catalog. Very much to my surprise and he made up a story from his family asking about his job at Kikis Cafe office and why I am writing and so on. So, lets make this the title for today.

Why am I writing | Day 3

Writing is one of the most creative and inspiring acts. Trust me on this one, even when I have to share with you, that I didn´t start to carry a little memo block until I entered university.

Since then I write daily.

First, it were my little sticky notes to remember me of pending tasks. Then, since I decided to open my first store, writing has become a very important part of my life. It is nothing that I had planned on. One day it just came to me.  It is like an addiction.  So, I always carry a little memo pad or spiral notebook with me and a pen.

Buch mit Muetze 2Some of you will remember my first book and ebook “La Tiendita”, I published in 2010.

At that time, “La Tiendita” was born due to some very stressful, cultural experience. I lived very unexpected moments with my jewelry and wool boutique “Bildschöner Kuss” in the Historical Center, downtown Querétaro, Mexico.

From rude clients, offensive language, an assault with gun up to the client´s lack of compromise (when they think you are a “bodega” (storage room) and set aside some merchandise with fifty Mexican Pesos and expect you to store the material for (at least) the next six month or more). On the another hand, I also had incredible experiences like  meeting a 76 year old nun, who ended up being my best girlfriend I ever had in downtown Querétaro, Mexico.

Not to forget about all the lovely clients, originally from the city, visitors and world travelers stopping by, shopping jewelry and signature-knitted-fashion ( jewelry and knitting / crocheting designs are handmade by myself);  or just having a nice chat and occasionally another cup of coffee. 

We had it all!

Well, I wasn´t about to publish all those details, but I kept daily notes of those experiences. Later, I should figure out, that this was the most helpful tool to share, in a very small fun book, part of my cultural life lessons and anecdotes.

In “La Tiendita” I compiled my, once painful, experiences in an anecdote / travel book, with a hug dash of humor. It also has a couple of photos, just in case you like to take a sneak peek.

So, writing was not only my emotional healing therapy, but also served to keep an update of those experiences,. Which, by the way, today make me really laugh.

Once again there is the promise of paper and pen. You need to write it down, otherwise you will forget your most precious memories. 

So far, my explanation this morning for Estefano and also for you. I am convinced that “writing” is something that comes to a person due to certain circumstance or situations. You never know and you certainly can not plan on that.

…”Writing is creativity and it needs lots of space to flow…” I always tell my clients.

quote by Kikis de la Creme

I love to hear and read from you. Please help with sharing the post . Did you like this ? Any comments, feedback or suggestions.?

Meanwhile, I wish you a happy afternoon / evening, wherever you are in the world. Blessings and talk to you again tomorrow. XOXO

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