Day 2|Just When Mercury Turns Retrograde…


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Do you have a favorite spot that you seek frequently? A place that you visit every now and then do some brainstorming, to reflect or reset? A bistro or a coffee shop where you trace your next strategy? I think that somehow, we all have such a special place of solitude.

For me, today, I am back to my favorite coffee shop, close to my office, here in Querétaro Mexico and I just reviewed my Day No.1 | 12-daily-post-challenge   

Wow, I got 10 (ten) likes, five shares on Facebook on yesterday´s blogpost. That´s totally over my expectation. Thanks to all of you.

Please do not hesitate to send me your comments 🙂

You know, the other day I was navigating blogs and found a very interesting comment by @lonleyblueboy” There’s a saying that goes “bird by bird, buddy” and same goes with writing. Just take it word by word by word, and you’ll make a prose, a quote, or a poem. All you have to do is sit down and bleed your heart out…” I couldn’t agree more with you Juansen Dizon!

So, the second day of my #12-daily-post-challenge is here and I am scribbling some numerology highlights in my journal…but let’s talk about this 2018. Are you into Feng Shui? This is the year of the earth dog yang.

Day 2 | 2018 | Practical Numerology

Door 11The current year 2018, it is hopefully a year to strike a fresh and new balance between individuality and partnership on a personal and professional level, and of course worldwide.

So, the number 2 for this 2018 is the energy that each of us will be experiencing. Interesting here is, that this number 2 is composed of a Master number 11. A strong number that supports any kind of expansion and evolution. But this is not a year to rush.

You do good in having a clear strategy and progressing step by step. This is the year of the earth dog yang and as the element of metal is missing…together with its numerology, you need to focus on finishing pending projects before you start something new.

Having the number 2 as the universal year number also impulses love, romance and of course relationships. Your social life will be blooming. I think this is music in the ears of all singles, lonely souls, soon-to-be-singles and, also, for couples. It´s time to revive the sparkles.

Let’s have a closer look on the Master number 11. As we have twice the number 1, the focus will also be working on your independence without losing your partnership.

Sounds crazy? Not at all.

You can really be in a relation- / partnership and progressing as an individual. Now it will be a lot easier for everybody respecting different opinions and show support.

The last three year have done all the foundation work. Starting with the year 2015 (universal year number 8), continuing with 2016 (universal year number 9) and concluding with the year 2017 (universal number 1). The current year 2018 offers, now, a period of working step-by-step, resting, settling and restructuring. As I mentioned before, it is not a year to hurry and rush from idea / project to the other. Balance and harmony are two very important keywords for the year.

For all of you, who have been considering to keep learning, polishing and expanding knowledge. This is a good year to finally sign up for this workshop or master degree.

Today, March 22nd, we start our first Mercury retrograde phase and this could be your perfect occasion to work on this idea. Search in internet for course options.

If you are more the adventurous type of person, how about a study-travel-excursion? Or maybe you take your sabbatical year and move finally for a couple of months to Mexico, learn Spanish and tamales cooking.

There are endless options, it really depends only on you. But once again, a journal and pen will be very useful.

Write down all these options and ideas that come to your mind. Remember to always have a small notebook in your pocket, you never know when these illuminations will pop out .  Plus, Mercury retrograde embraces it´s first of three retrograde phases 2018 from March 22nd to April 15th, 2018. Your memory could be lacking.


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