Stop saying · start doing!


What´s on your wishlist ?

This is probably one of the sayings that has been used most by many people worldwide, but putting it into practice is another story. I include myself in the list of people who also use this phrase in almost every consultation. By now, I can say, that I already passed the test and have seen, lived and experienced the magic of ¨taking action¨ in my life and business.

How about you? Have you used this phrase? Has it been an advice for one your friends? Has somebody given this advice to you? I remember very well, that I saw last year this sentences in a huge announcement in Florida. At that time, it popped out as a very useful reminder to myself. I just had been actualizing my wish list and had added the idea that I want to learn another language.

Here a quick reminder, I am German and live since almost 30 years in Mexico, speak fluently English, Spanish, German, French and Japanese. But, I am totally convinced that the mind, as such a powerful tool, needs frequently a new challenge. That keeps you active, interested, actualized and young.

So, I decided I wanted to learn Korean. Nevertheless, the wish stayed just as a wish on my list. Last year ended and 2017 was about to start its final quarter, when finally, a week before my trip to Denmark, I remembered that announcement. At that time, my wish list was completely worked, except the plan of studying Korean.

So, studying Korean language turned out to be not an easy idea. Finding a teacher and school in Queretaro, Mexico took me another eight days. Meanwhile I was re-writing, on a daily basis, my wish to learn Korean.

Surprisingly, Querétaro in Mexico has only one option and it better would be an excellent one. We have so many Korean people working and living now in this city, but teaching options are limited.  I had my first interview with Mrs. Choi and we had like a special hitch. This was certainly a good omen. And I should start with my first class three weeks later.

At the moment of sharing this adventure with you, I already had 36 classes, intensive 4 hours per week and when I travel I have eight hours per week. Nevertheless, the initial progress was slower than I expected. My teacher is not very fond of using paper and pen. Actually, she criticizes me when I do some annotations. So, I was taking not so many notes during class and practiced speaking and listening. Unfortunately, that didn´t work very well for me and I had to find another learning method.

Maybe I am not so lucky in learning this language, because when I started at home to rewrite my vocabulary, practicing the ¨Hangeul¨, the consonants, vocals, and multiples combination I started to do a better job. Yeah! So now I am already able to have simple conversation with my ¨Sonsenim ¨ and study colleagues.

Look, there is no recipe I could swear on. Each of us will need to find the personal and unique way for learning. When a was a teenager I remember me and my Nanny repeating vocabulary in Latin, English and French during High School. This were long afternoons, with some headache once in a while, but practice makes the master.

I am very good in remembering tones and words by just listening for a short time. But to know it by heart, at least myself, I need a notebook and pen. Writing, repeating, practicing this is how it works for me.

Well, and just for the record, the wish to learn Korean is still on the list, but in a refined version. Now it says: ¨1. Goal – learning Korean until Advanced Level II.

I love to hear from you! 🙂 Feel free to contact me :


Kikis de la Creme is a philospher by carreer. Since 15 years she also works as a Master Feng Shui, Decorator and Trainer,  Numerologist, artist and author.  Kikis is a professional certified Tarotist, reader and teacher of Lenormand, Life and Spiritual Coach.

She offers personal and internet consultations as well as classes, workshops and international conferences.

Kikis de a Creme is the author of the book “La Tiendita” (available as free ibook in Spanish). Since January 4, 2017 the book – as a excerpt –  is also available in an English version.

La Tiendita The Mini Store

The Mini Store 

Kikis is also the author and artist of the App Oracle Cards:

– Lenormand a la Mexicana “Las Marías” ® –

App in iTunes / Googleplay: App Lenormand

For this App she has painted 36 cards in pastels. This artwork is an “homenage” to Mexico and is inspired by the Mexican doll “La Maria”. Kikis started to work on this project as a personal healing therapy after an accident she suffered in 2013. It is a “naïve “colorful painting style Kikis chose and this work was finished in 9 month. Until today, Kiki has not yet decided, if she wants this Lenormand Oracle deck also to offer as a deck in bookstores or online stores.



Do not wish to be anything but what you are,

and to be that perfectly.

– Saint Francis de Sales

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