Shaking Up

Are you ready for some chill-out activities? Me too!

Today, an irrepressible Mars-Uranus square is the third one in a series that began on May 16th and then on August 2nd . All this happening under today’s numerology 2.

It’s the pure manifestation of stress, but also releasing it through unexpected channels. You and I may have a chance to move through resistance before it solidifies even more.

So, it will be no surprise, if you will experience a power outage!

My proposal to pack your walking shoes and gym bag …is serious. By the way, your yoga 🧘🏽‍♂️ class will be happy to have you back ….

Feeling anxious? Don’t start hyperventilating!

Turn on the aromatherapy diffuser, take some deep breaths… Also a gentle Bach Flowers Cocktail will get you back to Zen… and then get a fresh point of view over today’s agenda .

This can of course also include, that you will let everybody know via memorandum , that you need another day or two to deliver those super-urgent-reports.

Fortunately, after today, these two high-strung planets are done with this dance for another couple years. Isn’t that good news?

Happy Tuesday!


There are things in life you cannot change. If you had a chance to read my numerology post from yesterday... you probable took the opportunity to do the little exercise I proposed. Early this morning I pulled a daily card for everybody and the message is crystal clear.

Genius, invention, and transformation are rarely comfortable.  It may be time for you to say no to the way of your group, take a stand, and make real changes.

It could be that the structure of your inner world is alerting you to the need for a complete overhaul. So, instead of being afraid and going backwards like the crap at the beach…. this is a time for transformation, so let go of the fear of change.

Your intuition will lead you through the darkness. There is no turning back now. Trust that light will dawn. Epiphanies will surely lead to miracles ✨.

Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor. ~ Truman Capote

Wishing you all a very harmonious and successful week.

Happy Monday!

The fresh Breeze is here

What an interesting vibe on this Sunday… Jupiter, the planet of expansion and the mental Mercury bring a very inspiring energy to us. Just perfect to do some brainstorming on what and how you want and need things to develop.

Under the current sky, there is the invitation to think really “big“.

By the way today’s numerology is #9 . So, there is the double invitation to to clear air and space, to make literally room for new horizons.

I have a wonderful exercise I like here to share again with you. All you need are two imaginary bags 💼. Visualize a black, big garbage bag and also a beautiful decorated gift 🎁 bag.

First, you will work with the garbage back. • You know, where you are right now in your life is a totally new condition and far away from where you stand the same day and month last year. You have learnt so much and done an intense work of restructuring.

Nevertheless there seems to be new clutter you need to get rid off. There are no limits, it can be material things and of course also emotions, pain, frustration…. are you ready?

Ok, so now be very resolute in throwing all this clutter into the garbage bag. Enjoy each movement you do to fill this bag… I can see the bag getting filled, actually it looks already a little tight. Make a knot and send it to the universe.

Now, it’s time for another coffee ( at least for me) or whatever is your favorite beverage. Enjoy, inhale, exhale and feel the lightness after this excercise …

oh… there is still the second bag … I know you are curious where it is for… well, now you can take this beautiful gift bag and place there all your blessings . This is the first step. Visualize all your achievements, joys and happy moments. You have so much to pack in this bag … so, leave some space for the news things that are coming in the following days and weeks.


Happy Sunday!

Add some kindness to your speech

… Basking in the light feels good when you are on top of your own mountain. So, for some of us work is paying off, but you must take extra care with how you say things today.

People are on edge around your sharp tongue.

Surprise clashes in the office or with she partner could indicate you’re unaware of some changing circumstances.

Under today’s numerology #seven …change your tactics: ask more questions to learn more and let people know how much your care about them. With a smile on your lips andan extra dash of kindness, who will get angry with you?

It’s never too late to express your appreciation and gratitude for all the support and attention you get.

On the other hand , as you will really enjoy to have some “me-time” moments … How about updating your apps to the latest versions and give your gadgets a review. Is it time to spring for a newer model or invest in equipment that would make your life more efficient?

Happy Friday!

Happy Thoughts

• … it’s definitely a Wednesday for ✨happy thoughts!

What makes you happy and laugh? What brings joy to your life ?• Do you remember a special occasion ? …Or maybe it is just the fact that it is already midweek:)

Now hold this beautiful moment & carry the “happy thought” all day long in your heart.

On the other hand its time to work on long-term plans. Involve others in the early stages of your process. A meeting with coworkers might open your mind to include goals that have a wider impact than your previous considerations. By the way the planet of ideas, plannings & communication transits now in Aquarius. Group projects pick up steam.

Today’s numerology is five.

Happy Wednesday!

Pedal to the Metal

It’s the perfect day to get things done! With the Sun in Virgo and the support of the unstoppable and super decisive planet , Pluto…

…today make sure you have a plan and stick to it. Don’t forget the busy sign for your door, as it’s essential that you avoid distraction and absolutely focus on your goal. Under the current sky ( the Sun & Pluto are harmoniously working together) and today’s numerology: #four ….

Wishing you all a very productive and successful Tuesday!

By Kikis de la Creme

Your Heart | My Heart

… You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens. ~ Rumi

Be attentive to the signs and signals, as they are opportunities to strengthen your relationships.

A true friend is a genuine treasure.

Today’s numerology is #three .

Happy week beginning!

Happy Monday!

Stay the Course to enjoy Victory!

It’s a Saturday with a very earthy energy. La Luna’s Grand Earth Trine with the planets, Uranus and cautious Saturn empowers us to balance innovation with prudence.

But the head and your and my heart ❤️ might not cooperate while accommodating Venus and demanding Mars are locked in a contentious square. It’s definitely time to do a deponer review… especially now, that we are just a step away from the New Moon 🌚 , also in Virgo ♍️.

So , now what? I totally agree with you, that criticism is never fun, b u t self-examination can be useful, when you see it as a matter of incremental improvement and learning from the past.

Becoming aware of the new needs enables you to make necessary adjustments. My suggestions for the day are:

Use the day’s forced slowdown to recalibrate with a partner in love or business. There are a couple of questions that might be helpful to get the right direction…Are your values in alignment? If not, could you reach a compromise?

Oh and before I forget it ….you may see ways, that people could do things more efficiently and comfortably. B u t your unsolicited advice could come across as critical or smothering. Well, emotion may run high, but if you stay the course in a friendly way… you might enjoy victory…

…You know, sometimes it’s just better to let people figure things out on their own… #justsaying 😉😊 •

Happy Saturday!

The greatest Power is simple Patience

… inhale – exhale! Patience is the key ingredient for the day. Fortunately you can lean on the planet Saturn, releasing the past and finally banishing any stagnancy.

But, you find yourself navigating that in-between – space today, which it is small pause to then move forward.

Yeah, I know you are not the only one who is desperate to get things rolling…So, why not make the most of today’s numerology #7 and use the time to polish your strategy and a couple of extra coffee -breaks.

Happy Thursday!!!

Ready for a Productivity Boost?

When you take control of your attitude, you take control of your life. Focus on your goal and don’t get distracted by delays.

By the way today’s numerology is #7 and Mercury is now traveling through Virgo.

Details aren’t probably your strong suit, but you’re going to get very good with them over the next three weeks, until September 22nd.

Also health and diet could now be on your priority list . Well, once you get your salad menu updated and a fresh running or walking routine settle… who will be able to stop you ?

So, if you set your mind to it, this can be a productive period for you! Wishing you all a very productive day…

Happy Wednesday !